Sweat & Sing

The Ultimate Cardio Karaoke Experience


Looking for a way to boost your confidence, bust out of your comfort zone and have fun? Then you've gotta try our Sweat and Sing karaoke dance class.

This courage-inducing 60-minute cardio experience allows you to get in a great workout all while singing along with a room full of thrill seekers just like you. Your  "hype hosts" are there to facilitate the choreography and help with back up vocals, but singing is encouraged by all participants during the entire class.


There's no rush quite like singing to a room full of strangers, and we believe in the power of bonding through shared experiences. Sing along and dance to your favorite songs and make new friends in the process by tapping into a new, empowered part of yourself. Get ready to find your inner rockstar!

Check out the video below from our latest Sweat & Sing karaoke dance fitness classes and sign up for our next one today!

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