Ashley Murphy, the creator of Mama's Got Groove, knows the "mommy-guilt" struggle of working out after baby firsthand, so she decided to do something about it. Attending dance fitness classes for several years before the birth of her son, she had a difficult time as a working mom leaving him after he was born to go work out and not feeling guilty for taking away the already limited availability she had to spend time with him. The guilt prevented her from attending classes on a regular basis until he was two years old. 


No mom should have to put their fitness desires on the back burner for two years out of guilt. 


While she was pregnant with her second child (a girl), she realized after her daughter's birth, she would find herself right back at the mommy guilt/fitness crossroads again. It was then that she decided to develop a solution for herself and other moms faced with the same dilemma.


The result? A Bring Your Own Baby (B.Y.O.B.) dance fitness class. Between the birth of her son and the birth of her daughter, Ashley gave birth to Mama's Got Groove.


And since the program was developed during Ashley's pregnancy, she can personally attest to the safety of the impact level for pregnant moms.


We look forward to welcoming you into our community and helping you write a new chapter in your own motherhood story: the chapter where you begin making fitness, health, and happiness a priority for you and your family.



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